Discount program of online store Golden Velyon ™

To receive a discount card you need to make a one-time purchase for the amount of 1000 UAH.

A prerequisite is the completion of the proposed Golden Velon TM questionnaire and sign it. Without entering information about the Customer into the database, the discount card will not be activated.

The Discount Program involves individuals who have reached the age of 18 years. One member of the program can be registered only on one Card.

The discount card is funded. She gives the right to a discount according to the scale provided:


from 1000 to 5999 UAH. - 5% discount

from 6000 to 20999 UAH. - 6% discount

from 21000 to 40999 UAH. - discount 7%

from 41000 to 60999 UAH. - 8% discount

from 61000 to 100999 UAH. - discount 9%

more than 101000 UAH. - 10% discount

Discount is granted upon presentation of the discount card by the Buyer.

Recalculation of discount on the discount card is carried out at each next purchase.

The discount card is not issued to the client on condition of the gift certificate purchased by him.

Discount on the discount card is not available promotional products.

Discount on a discount card is not provided for related products (packaging, cleaning products).

Discount on the discount card is not summed up with a discount on the payment card. In this case, only the purchase amount is credited to the discount card.

When the product is returned from the discount card, the amount and size of the discount are written off, the cumulative amount is reduced.

Our Discount card has no validity.

In case of indication of unreliable information about yourself in the questionnaire, as well as in case of untimely change of outdated information, the participant of the discount program carries the risk of any negative consequences associated with incorrect information.