Exchange or refund of gold jewelry with diamonds Golden Velion ™

Dear Customers of Golden Vuelon ™.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, wedding rings, engagement rings with diamonds, as well as other jewelry items specified in the Non-food products list, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on March 19, 1994, No. 172, are not subject to return and exchange.

However, Golden Vuelon ™ makes an exchange of rings of an engagement group or other jewelry of our trademark of proper quality that did not suit you for any reason. For this you need to apply to the Schoorum for the production of gold wedding rings with diamonds from Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 17:00, providing:

The product is new, sealed.

Goods receipt and product passport.

Identity document - passport.

Pay special attention to the fact that after receiving the jewelry for exchange within 2-5 business days, we carry out an examination to check the quality of the article of authenticity of the product, after which a decision is made on the exchange. Products with inserts of precious stones necessarily undergo an additional hemological properk and the period of examination is up to 7 days.

Unfortunately, we can not exchange the product in the following cases :.

More than 14 days have passed since the day of sale.

The label is damaged, the product is smoothed out, there is no commodity check or product passport.

The product has traces of mechanical damage.

The product has signs of use.

The product has changed its properties due to improper use: the presence in the pool, interaction with alkaline detergents, substances containing chlorine and iodine, creams and ointments containing mercury and its compounds, as well as the effect of other external factors.

Golden Velon TM sincerely wishes that engagement rings, engagement rings or other jewelry purchased from us, like and pleased you and your loved ones, and hopes that you will not have to contact us for the exchange of your jewelry.