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Multicolored  wedding ring "Burning light"
Couple of wedding rings C006
Women's wedding ring 550-2V004
Couple c012

Couple c012

$776.00 $979.00

Couple c019

Couple c019

$676.00 $779.00

Couple of wedding rings "Burning light" Satine
Couple V029

Couple V029

$686.00 $789.00

Men's wedding ring 450-2C002


$670.00 $946.00

Couple c011

Couple c011

$676.00 $779.00

Couple of designer wedding rings "Shining"
Men's wedding ring 550-2V032
Men's wedding ring 951-2C063
Multicolored designer wedding ring "Shining"
Men's wedding ring 950-2V029
wedding ring 950-2C051

wedding ring 950-2C051

$154.00 $219.00

Men's wedding ring 750-2C055
Men's wedding ring 750-2C056
Men's wedding ring 950-2C050
Men's wedding ring 950-2C052
Men's wedding ring 950-2C053
Men's wedding ring 950-2C054
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Wedding rings

The wedding ring is an eternal symbol of love and marriage. Tradition to exchange wedding rings, was born in gray antiquity. What kind of people, for the first time used jewelry as the main attribute for pairing - is unknown. Some ancient Greek sources say that it was the ancient Egyptians who introduced the tradition of the rings, as well as the wearing style on the ring finger. As for which finger on the left or right hand to wear, the Egyptian anatomists were sure that only a left nameless finger stretches a certain nerve reaching the human heart.
In the times of Rus, there also existed a custom whereby the bride and groom dressed each other's Slavic wedding rings, only on the index finger. The Scandinavian peoples, it was enough just to present the beloved with a gift as a jeweler's valuable jewelry as a sign of love and respect. And among Muslim peoples, twin wedding rings are considered inadmissible according to the rules of the Koran. Only women wear this attribute, and men's rings are considered a sign of bad taste.
As can be seen from the history, the relation to the wide engagement rings for men and women differed among many peoples, but the idea of ​​using this accessory to bind the bonds of marriage still maintained general trends. A closed, round form, which has no beginning and end, has always been associated in people of all ages with a certain sacred meaning - the eternal movement of living energy, unbreakable stability, inseparability.
Symbol of love on our fingers
Jewelry exchanged between the groom and the bride carries the main goal - to emphasize the new status in the relationship of the couple in love. Emphasizing the dichotomy of female and male nature, exclusive wedding rings are often ordered. Women's gold wedding rings are elegant, lavishly decorated with ornaments and precious stones. The wide male engagement ring is more laconic and restrained.
Although some couples are buying classic wedding rings, as the main wedding accessory with a single design.
How to choose wedding rings?
When choosing wedding rings, you need to come to a mutual decision about what material your products will be made from. The current range of jewelry, can meet the needs of the most demanding customers.
Many representatives of the modern generation often try to contradict the tendencies of the past, preferring simple decorations. A pure shining brilliance combined with the skill of a jeweler makes these products a worthy alternative to expensive accessories.
But to push back the noble gold to the background is beyond the strength, not a single metal. Thousands of years of experience in jewelry, gave the world many options ligature:
Red - adding copper and zinc to the alloy, gives the texture a luxurious shade full of vitality;
Wedding rings from white gold - a material with introduction of components of silver or palladium. His calm glow is matched by nature mysterious and thoughtful;
Pink - a combination of several metals generates a pleasant, gentle shade;
Green is a recipe known to the ancient Lydians. Observance of a certain proportion, creates a marvelous composition of yellow-green hues;
Yellow gold is an unfading classic, anciently worthy of kings;
Products made of platinum are not only good at themselves, but also very practical - they are more resistant to mechanical damage, safe for sensitive skin.
Certain demand is also used for jewelry made from materials that imitate noble metal - Abyssinian, French or Northern gold, visually indistinguishable from precious metals, while retaining many decades of attractive and brilliant appearance.
Crowning stones
Sparkling precious minerals, since ancient times are perfectly combined with expensive metals. The presence of at least one pebble is especially important on the ring of the bride:
Engagement ring with a diamond - a stone that does not require a presentation, its radiant flashes radiant faces, captivate the heart of any beauty;
Leukosapphire is also known as the East diamond. A very rare white sapphire, pure as an icy tear, it always gleams with a calm, cold glow;
Ruby is an ancient symbol of fire and selfless passion;
Sapphire - the personification of elegance and subtle grace, as well as a favorite stone of blue-eyed charmers;
If to you real stones are alien then it is probably necessary to reflect on an engagement ring with фианитом (цирконитом). Artificial mineral, notable for the game of variegated highlights on its faces - a man-made brother of an indestructible diamond. A pleiad of several cubic zirkonia will become a marvelous crown for the rings of the newlyweds.
Grooms who want to buy an engagement ring with inserts often prefer black onyx, amethysts and other minerals of a darker shade. In such cases, the jeweler encrusts small pebbles that will not stand out clearly on the finger, but will give the decoration a special gloss and solid status. Автор: Золоте Вельон ™

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