Комбинированные обручальные кольца

Multicolored  wedding ring "Burning light"
Couple of wedding rings "Burning light" Satine
Couple V029

Couple V029

$686.00 $789.00

Couple of designer wedding rings "Shining"
Men's wedding ring 951-2C063
Multicolored designer wedding ring "Shining"
Men's wedding ring 950-2V029
wedding ring 950-2C051

wedding ring 950-2C051

$154.00 $219.00

Men's wedding ring 750-2C055
Men's wedding ring 750-2C056
Men's wedding ring 950-2C050
Men's wedding ring 950-2C052
Men's wedding ring 950-2C053
Men's wedding ring 950-2C054
Men's wedding ring 950-2C057
Men's wedding ring 950-2C059
Men's wedding ring 950-2C061
Men's wedding ring 951-2C058
Men's wedding ring 951-2C060
Men's wedding ring 951-2C062
Women's wedding ring 150-2V015
Men's wedding ring 750-2V014M
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Combined Engagement Rings

The demand for rings for centuries remains stably high, with time, only fashion trends change. Modern honeymooners have a much greater choice of models than their parents, grandparents. And if our ancestors did not hide their joy, they could be satisfied with a simple ringlet for a modest wedding, then the present brides and grooms - give the widest variety of shapes and textures. The variety of preferences of today's customers has become a powerful catalyst in the development of jewelry art, giving rise to a full-fledged trend, known as combined.
The first samples of products, combining several styles, appeared in France, in the second half of the XVIII century. The French aristocracy and the nobility, with their changing tastes for fashion, encouraged jewelers to invent all the new variations in decorating jewelry. Accessories of that era, for a long time remained the prerogative of noble and influential persons. Only the last few decades, the jewelry industry sighed to its full breast, lighting its skilful products with the widest layers of the population.
ТМ Golden Velion does not stay away from fashion trends and offers its customers only the most interesting and popular models. The method of combining metals and processing opens the door to fantasy, so each couple will be able to find for themselves exactly those decorations that settle in the heart forever.
Problem of choice
Many newlyweds, experiencing serious difficulties in finding the desired accessories, which would ideally suit both the bride and groom. Some young people fall into prejudice, looking for an exceptionally smooth ring to observe old beliefs and customs, which sometimes may contradict the personal tastes of the married.
In fact, there are no rigid canons defining the appearance of the wedding ring. The main thing is to understand the basic properties of metals and their processing, so wearing an accessory does not cause any inconvenience:
Combined ring of red gold contains a base of yellow gold with the addition of zinc and copper. Such products have medium strength and favorably affect the body - regulate the pressure, reduce the severity of pain in the joints.
Combined of yellow gold fits perfectly into the casual and festive style of clothing. Especially well look at the swarthy skin.
Rings of a combination of white gold - an ornament worthy of aristocrats. The bright cold shine of metal skillfully emphasizes the purity of inlaid diamonds and leucosapphires.
Triple benefit
Stylish engagement rings from combined gold have so far only conquered the jewelry market, but one can say with confidence - they will never lose their relevance for several reasons:
The combination of two, three or more shades of gold, open unlimited possibilities for design solutions. Buying an already finished product or ordering an exclusive combined ring, you can be sure that few people in the world, except you, have a similar ornament.
The wedding ring of several types of gold is perfectly in harmony with any set of accessories, regardless of their colors. For example, a ring of red and white gold does not break out of the general style, even if you are exclusively silver or yellow and gold jewelry.
Complex performance of combined rings, only emphasizes the attractiveness and nobleness of gold.
Buying combined wedding rings - you get a universal decoration that will never come out of fashion. Автор: Золоте Вельон ™

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