Обручальные кольца с бриллиантами

Men's wedding ring 951-2C063
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Women's wedding ring with diamond 551-2z004
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Wedding ring 151-2V035

Wedding ring 151-2V035

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Women's wedding ring with diamond 551-2F002
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Wedding rings with diamonds

Brilliant is the king among the gems. Depending on the characteristics of its geological history, a diamond can acquire the most bizarre shades and material properties that make a stone truly unique and extremely valuable. Its luxurious, radiant shine attracts and enchants. The ring, crowned with a diamond, since ancient times was considered the most prestigious and significant decoration for women and men.
In the modern era, diamond rings are in great demand. Such an accessory gives its owners an easy charm, and hand movements acquire a characteristic grace. Many jewelry houses, make an increasing emphasis on engagement rings with diamonds - a product though expensive, but worthwhile.
Workshop TM Golden Velion closely follows the trends of jewelry art and offers its customers only the best accessories with diamonds at an affordable price. You can be sure of the authenticity of the stone. A qualitative facet, guarantees a full disclosure of the external qualities of a diamond. A myriad of gleams will play on your loved one's finger, reminding of the most memorable moment in life - the day of your wedding.
The standard of eternity
Due to its extremely strong properties, the diamond for a long time remained a stubborn stone for jewelers of antiquity. There is an opinion that for the first time this stone was used as a decoration at the court of the Persian kings from the Achaemenid dynasty. Only the largest specimens, weighing about 50 carats, were allowed to be cut - it was easier to work with a larger diamond. At the same time, the quality of the sharpened faces left much to be desired, so the stones were often stored as a curiosity, rarely used to decorate jewelry.
A real breakthrough in working with diamonds occurred in the XV-XVI centuries. This period was marked by the emergence of new cutting techniques that are relevant to the present day.
Even in the late Middle Ages, engagement rings for kings, princes and influential European nobility began to be decorated with diamonds. Clean as a tear shining stone, I could win even the most indifferent hearts.
Modern fashion for rings with precious stones encourages jewelers to new inventions and the current assortment of diamond rings is very wide and truly impressive in the variety of shapes, styles and designs.
Gift for ages
When buying a gold ring, decorated with a precious stone - it is important to pay special attention to the choice of this luxurious gift.
Implying the acquisition of a diamond engagement ring, we understand that such an ornament will be worn daily, and therefore should be as convenient as possible.
First of all, it is worth paying attention to products with deeply planted stones, in order to avoid loss of diamond with occasional mechanical shocks. It can be a row of small pebbles or one small diamond in the center of the ring. These models are designed for women's audience - they emphasize the grace of movements, give the owner his hand a characteristic refinement.
Men who want to crown their ring finger with an indestructible stone usually stop their choice on rings-karatnikas. One large diamond in a gold frame often looks ridiculous, if the ring itself is small in size. Therefore, it is better to give preference to rings in the form of a signet with a patterned scattering of miniature pebbles that will shine on your finger like cold stars in the night sky.
The kind of metal, especially should be taken into account by women, because it is the beautiful sex that likes to wear several ornaments at once. If the collection of your chosen woman is dominated by jewelry made of white gold, silver or platinum, then it is worth choosing for her a wedding ring with a diamond in the corresponding texture. The wedding ring of yellow, red or pink gold against the background of light products, will look tasteless and disharmonious.
Benefits of Form
Over the past 500 years, the continuous improvement of diamond cutting, several basic techniques have been developed that are applied to date. Paying attention to the shape of the diamond, you can better determine the choice, without prejudice to personal preferences.
When buying engagement rings, we recommend choosing a round brilliant - the most popular type of cut. It includes 57-58 facets, which maximally reveal the visual qualities of the stone, giving it a very attractive "sparkling". Equally suitable for deep planting or open inlay with bows.
In round cut, there are also similar shapes:
These types of faces are the most compact and practical, while fully revealing the physical properties of the diamond and allow to level losses during processing, which contributes to the more affordable price of similar products.
Where in Kiev to buy a wedding ring with a diamond
We provide our customers with only the best wedding ring options at a price from the manufacturer which can also be viewed in our catalog on the site and will get acquainted with the photo and ring prices and characteristics. Author: Золоте Вельон ™

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