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Wedding rings with inserts

A skillful ring, adorned with a precious stone, is the best gift for a person who is dear to the heart. Wedding rings with inlay are especially popular. This is a universal decoration that is well suited for a festive or casual outfit, not too flashy and comfortable in everyday wear.
Generous nature, has awarded our planet with a huge number of charming minerals extracted from the bowels of the Earth. Designers and masters of TM Golden Breeze well know how to fully reveal the qualities of any precious stone, create a charming composition and emphasize the charm of each face. Buying wedding rings with inserts from us, you are guaranteed to receive the product of the highest quality, which will become a worthy equivalent of your mutual love.
Primordial beauty
Attitude to gems at all times was equally honorable. Wearing expensive jewelry was considered the prerogative of the elected rulers, representatives of the dynasty, influential clergymen. The value of the stone was determined by its physical properties:
The size;
A game of light;
An intriguing history of origin and a list of former owners, significantly increased the cost of the product.
Until recently, rings with inlays could only be worn by very influential people. Today, the widest sections of the population can freely enjoy this privilege. Modern technology allows you to grow diamonds and gems in artificial conditions, making jewelry as never before available.
The most valuable, traditionally considered the following stones:
Other types of jewelry minerals are called "semiprecious", they include more common in nature stones, as well as samples grown artificially:
Fianit (zirconium);
A very fashionable trend of modern times is gold rings with stones (cubic zirkonia), which cost less than rings with precious stones, but they look no less impressive. The index of refraction in cubic zirconia, almost the same as that of diamonds. Playing a kaleidoscope of radiant shades, zirconium attracts the eye and fascinates.
Design Features
The best option for practical and active people is a ring with a deeply planted inlay. The method involves planting the stone inside the ring, into a specially prepared cell, without the use of bindings. The probability of losing incrustation is reduced to almost zero. The shape of the ring for such products is wide, and is decorated with ornate lines and patterns, creating an emphasis on the brilliance of gems.
If you prefer exquisite accessories with a distinct inlay, then you should buy engagement rings with inserts in the form of clips:
Krapanova fixed - emphasizes the shape and shine of the stone, fixed by several figured "paws";
Rail - a number of identical in size gems, is often used for models such as the "line of eternity" (Eternity);
Pave - placer small pebbles in a small area, looks very impressive and luxurious;
Obedkovaya - one stone in the arms of a noble metal;
Carrying out orders for exclusive wedding rings, our masters will be able to combine the design elements to the extent possible to take into account all your individual wishes. Автор: Золоте Вельон ™

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